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The Spirit of Humanity

A time is coming and has now come for humanity to gather as one.

Never before in the history of humanity has we come so close to fulfilling this age-old desire to be united as we were in the days of Babel. Many has come before us and failed. Work was done, foundation was laid. The world took a step closer together but drifted apart again. Long before Jesus walked the earth, Alexander the Great conquered the entire region of Europe, Egypt, Arabia, all the way till West India. Then came the Han dynasty that shaped global commerce through the establishment of the Silk Road. Then came Jesus with His “cult-like” message of salvation which was only officially recognised 300 years after his death and resurrection. After that, humanity sank into a prolonged period of fights and wars… With absolutely no reason whatsoever. Then came the rediscovering of global trade and the subsequent industrial revolution. Now, as we march steadily into the post-capitalist era, we face an increased need for attention in things that requires humanity’s combined awareness, the need for unity is more essential than ever.

Knowing this however, is not sufficient in bringing humanity together. Many in the world has tried it. Climate change is a global issue, but it isn’t sufficient to bring the world together. Nuclear war is a global issue, but it too isn’t enough to bring the world together. Having concluded that the two most serious topic in all of humanity within our day and age (issues that have the possibility of causing mass-extinction) are not able to bring humanity together, what is?

If these things aren’t sufficient in unifying the human race, then we can conclude that neither religion, political ideologies, breakthroughs in academia, nor future well-being, can bring humanity together. Therefore, in order for humanity to return to the Spirit of Babel, we must rediscover something that we’ve long forgotten — something that is from of old; something that will never change despite humanity’s collective forgetfulness.

As technology advances, humanity is beginning to push itself to redefine meaning and purposes of living. And in the 21st century, we see a collective rise in self-awareness. Humanity is seeing a surge in the search for “holistic wellness” as well as “spirituality” in the past decade. This trend is projected to exponentiate as technology begin to steal our jobs in the dead of night. The trend that we are currently observing is not coincidental. It is the Spirit of the humanity’s collective conscienceness crying out for help as we sought for something that transcends the physical.

It’s time we turn off our differences and focus on the cries of our inner Spirit. Our Spirit cries out for unity, for purpose, and for the desire to reconnect. The Spirit longed for something that we’ve long neglected — Unity. Chunked in a corner of the void in our hearts, the silent cries of humanity’s collective conscience cries out in ways that transcends human’s limited understanding. Hear the cries that transcends language, race, and religion. It knows no political boundaries nor social classes. It is humanity’s unified Spirit within us, calling for our collective attention.

It’s time we put aside our differences and reconnect with the fundamental building blocks of humanity — the Spirit of Universality; the Spirit of Humanity, the Spirit of Babel.

It is through this that we’ll know once more, who we are, where we belong, and why are we here. It is in the Spirit of unification that will unite us as a people. This Spirit is none other than the Spirit of forgiveness, reconciliation, development, and love. And in the Spirit, we’ll find the Truth. And when we’ve understood the Truth, the Truth shall set us free.

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