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When I speak of Universalism, I am not referring to the finality of intelligent beings spending an eternity with the Creator Deity [1], let alone the Christian context of all beings being “saved” and getting into an eternal fellowship with the Messiah [2]. Rather, when I speak of Universalism, I refer to the eventuality that all of humanity will return to its original nature — information. In this state, the information that made us who we are can never be destroyed. In the same way, information can never be created [3]. Say if the conservation of quantum information is true, then it can be said that we existed before we are born, and we will continue to exist even after we die. In essence, we are who we are.

That said, when we refer to ‘information’, we are referring to the raw information of the universal system that allows us to make firm, reliable predictions. Say if we knew everything there is to know about the universe, the laws of physics will be able to make predictions about any given object, past and future [4].

Thing is, in our 3-dimensional vessels we call our bodies, we are unable to undo the effect of entropy. There is a certain limit set by quantum rules that governs the Universe [5]. Given the limitations of technology and the nature of our very being, we are unable to understand completely everything there is to understand out there. Don’t fret, though. We do not need to stop at our physical limitations. The Universe has given humanity a very special access into something that science cannot fully examine — spirituality.

The spiritual realm has intrigued humanity since the dawn of time. As humanity spread throughout the globe, there is a common consensus that every human being has a soul; a spirit of some sort that will live on forever, long after the eventual destruction of the mortal body [6]. This soul is not imprisoned in the limitations of the physical world; it transcends it. Say if we were to ever conduct an experiment on the possible alteration to the laws of physics, can spirituality be the answer?

In my search for answers, I found a common theme throughout almost all the world’s greatest religions — the theme of returning to the singularity; the theme of returning to the ‘Universe’. In essence, we will return to One that is not of this world but One that transcends it. ‘He’ is not limited to the things of the World but ‘He’ is the reason why the World exists. Given the similarities in the literature, I cannot help but consider the underlying possibility that this is ‘the Truth’. But that being said, an assumption of this kind is not sufficient to conclude that that is the ultimate ‘Truth’.

To understand the reality of the spiritual realm, we must empirically test ‘miracles’. Fortunately for us, thanks to technology, we live in a world where we have access to a wealth of scientific research on intercessory prayers and miracles. Out of the many medical journals published, there were records of healing through Divine intervention [7], records of prayers having no positive impact on patients [8], and records that states that such a research does not give conclusive evidences [9, 10, 11].

Given such findings, it appears that we are unable to conclude the existence of the spiritual realm, let alone the possibility that it is able to alter the physical laws of the physical reality. Maybe that is where the notion of faith comes into picture. Maybe there is something that we have overlooked. Maybe there is simply, too many possible extraneous variables involved to assume causality.

Or maybe, we are just looking in the wrong direction.

If looking into the future of sciences and technology detaches us from our original nature, then the answer to spirituality might be found in ancient literature. After all, cultures from different corners of the world did write surprisingly similar creation stories involving a higher dimensional sentient being. Just compare the Nasadiya Sukta [12], the Biblical Creation story [13], and the Creation narrative of Tao De Ching Chapter 1 [14]. No explanation of “coincidence” can we use to brush off such similarities.

Maybe the answer to spirituality is to be discovered in the wisdom of the Ancients. Maybe the Ancients knew something we have long forgotten as a species. Maybe there’s a way to reconnect with lost knowledge and rediscover who we are.

As gloomy as it sounds, I prefer to think that the search is not headed no where. Rather, for the fact that the magic of religious creation literature is still deeply rooted in our consciousness, that in itself tells us that there’s still a glimmer of hope — hope to reconnect with the spiritual realm that made us who we are. Therefore, let us not ostracise one another but embrace each other’s beliefs. Critically examine religious literature and openly discuss them. Maybe, just maybe, through such religious discussions, we may rediscover who we truly are as a People. Maybe, that’s when we will truly be united, at the deepest of levels.


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