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The Science of the Resurrected Body

The resurrected body is a body of a higher physical dimension. It is higher than the dimension we live in and hence, it will not be confined by the limitations of space and time. However, it is not in a dimension that is so high as compared to the physical reality that we live in so as to be able to interact with the physical universe.

We all knew that Jesus was different after He resurrected. He was able to pass through doors even though it was locked. He was able to appear to disciples and then disappear. He was able to venture to multiple places without actually walking. On top of this, we also note that there are some characteristics about Jesus’ body that remains the same. He was able to touch disciples. The breath He breathed can be felt by the disciples. He was able to eat. He was able to interact normally as how He did before the resurrection.

To the layperson reading the Bible, one will definitely ask the question, “how can this be?” However, the science behind the resurrection is actually quite simple. Here’s an illustration.

Imagine yourself as an ant and the paper is the universe you’re living in.

Let’s scale everything down into 2D and imagine yourself as an ant and the universe that you live in is a piece of paper. As an ant living on the piece of paper, you are confined to the limitations of the piece of paper. You are unable to see beyond the piece of paper. You are unable to venture upward and away from the paper, neither can you appear at different parts of the paper at the same time. In a sense, because both your body and the piece of paper is made of the similar physical properties, you’re bound by the limitations of both the paper and your own body.

Imagine the Hand as an entity from a higher dimension and it is touching the paper.
In essence, the hand intersects with the universe that the ant is on.

Things were different went Jesus appeared to the disciples after the resurrection. Imagine Jesus being in a higher dimension. Say 3D. I shall represent Jesus as a hand in this illustration. The hand is, in essence, in a higher dimension (3D) as compared to the piece of paper (2D). When a 3D object intersects with the 2D world, the ant on the paper will be able to see it and interact with it. However, when the 3D hand was lifted from its place, the ant will be able to see it being lifted till a certain point only.

From the perspective of the ant, the finger will appear to be a real object at the point of intersection.

From the perspective of the ant, the finger appears to be a real thing when it intersects with the 2D reality it was on. It can see it, it can communicate with it, it can touch it, it can feel it. But no matter how hard the ant try to, it cannot do what the finger can do. It cannot disappear without notice. It cannot pass through doors. It cannot teleport from places to places. It cannot be at multiple places at any one time. Not unless the ant is buried with Christ into His baptism and is united with Christ in a resurrection like His.

We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life. — Romans 6:4, NIV.

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay