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The Reality of Soulmates

Look at the birds of the air. Are you not much more valuable than they?

As Isaiah wrote about judgement on all the nations, he noted that the animals will find rest in the destruction of human civilisation (ref: Isaiah 34:8-15, NIV). But in truth, are all of these more important than humanity — those who were created in God’s image; those whom God has predestined to marry for all of eternity?

As surely as none of these (animals) will be missing and not one will lack her mate (ref: Isaiah 34:16, NIV), so shall humanity be gathered together by the Spirit of God; each with their own mate. No one will be missing. Each couple will be brought together by the Spirit of God, joined together by the Spirit of God, and will hold on to each other steadfastly in the Spirit of God (ref: Malachi 2:16, ESV).