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A Call for Testimonies — Share your experiences about God

“The Lord threw them into confusion before Israel… The Lord hurled large hailstones down on them… The sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on its enemies.”
— Joshua 10:10, 11, 13, NIV.

I think we need to put away the conventional philosophical understanding of God and take a step backwards in life.

There have been countless causal arguments on the philosophical front that argues for and against God. These arguments argue that intelligent design calls for an intelligent maker, or for an unmoved mover that will cause movement to come into being. Cool. But all of these arguments are so removed from the current teaching of God in theological doctrines that renders these arguments pointless.

By peeling back the many dimensions of spacetime and identifying that God is the setter of universal moralistic values, we assume that there must be something that is far greater and bigger than anything conceivable. Sure, we can argue that nothing within the confines of spacetime is able to fathom, let alone imagine, something that is bigger than the One who “made” it. But this alone isn’t a satisfactory argument for the existence of God. I think we need something more tangible. It might not be something that we are able to measure and duplicate in a laboratory. But at least, it will be something that we can notably notice in some periods within the confines of our limited lives.

God works in many ways. God speaks. God calls. God directs. God change physical landscapes. God move mountains. God changes circumstances. God change people’s minds. God heals. God touches. God embraces. God works within us.

This is the gospel that we preach. This is our argument for God. God is a real God and people should talk about their real experiences with Him.

God is not limited to the confines of the physical world and hence, duplicates in a laboratory should not be expected. God is also not someone you should summon for a sign. Even though God listen to prayers, God is an end in Himself and not a means to be made use of.

The God I know is a real God. And I believe that all of you, readers, have certain experiences of Him too. I’d like to invite you to share your experiences of God with me in the comments below. It can be as simple as God granting you the strength to wake up this morning. Or it can be as amazing as how God saved your life through a series of impossible events.

Joshua saw God throwing the Amorites into confusion, throwing hailstones at them, and stopping the rotation of the Sun and the moon for almost an entire day. Sure, we might know that through the Bible that was written thousands of years ago. But God is a living God. He is still at work today and is now residing within you.

I’d like you to share openly in the comments about how God worked in your lives. And I strongly believe, God is at work and will use your testimony to affirm the faith of others as well.

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