The Christian and the Collective Unconscious

Carl Jung gave us a very good understanding of the human unconscious. However, there is a portion about the human collective unconscious that he has left out. That is the Truth about a Being that transcends the present reality. It is He who resides in the heart of every Christian

Positive Psychology and the Christian Salvation

As the second wave of positive psychology move towards adopting a more holistic approach in their view towards psychology, the Christian Church should also relook at the doctrine of salvation and the role sin plays within it. Recognising the sinful nature of humanity may be the key to bringing people to the Truth and setting people free with it.

We exist before the creation of the universe

Before the creation of the world, we exist in eternity alongside God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. So what made God create the physical universe that enabled death for both Himself and humanity? Answering this will help us figure out how dangerous it is for us to rediscover our true selves. Answering this will also tell us how great God’s love is for us.