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Making Sense of the Islamic Faith

What is the Truth? Is the Bible the Truth? The Quran says it is…!

In an earlier post, “The Islamic Jesus”, I’ve covered the differences in the teachings between the Quran and the Holy Bible (more notably the “Taurat” – 5 Books of Moses, “Zabur” – Psalms, and “Injeel” – Gospel of Christ).

In that post, we have concluded that:

  • Muslims believes that Jesus is the Messiah or Christ (Quran 3:45, 4:157,171,172, 5:17,72,75, 9:30-31)
  • Allah sent Jesus to live among men and to verify the teachings of the Taurat and the Injeel to be the guidance and the light for all believers of Allah (Quran 5:46).
  • Muslims are called to follow the footsteps of Christ and to grow in His likeness (Quran 43:59).
  • Jesus’ ministry on earth points people to Allah (Quran 43:63-64).
  • Jesus had the Holy Spirit upon Him (Quran 15:29).
  • That Jesus was raised from the earth to where Allah is (Quran 3:55).
  • And Jesus is worthy of worship. Even angels must worship Jesus (Quran 15:29-33).

However, with such concrete evidence that the Islamic faith offer about the divinity of Christ (or at the very least, how He was unlike any prophet), the Quran also teaches us that:

  • There seem to be scholars who altered the Taurat and the Injeel (Quran 5:13).
  • And that the Taurat and the Injeel is corrupted because scholars altered them (Quran 2:76).

But if Allah is truly God, can anyone alter His words? No! The Quran teaches us that: “There is none who can change His words, and He is the Hearing, the Knowing” (Quran 6:115)

If Allah is all sovereign and is all-knowing, will Allah allow people to change His words? By the logic of deduction, He shouldn’t allow anyone to alter His words, right? But why then did He allow people to “write the book with their hands and then say: This is from Allah” (Quran 2:79).

And even if the Words of Allah is altered, isn’t He sovereign to ensure that the content isn’t changed so much that the meaning of His words differs from its original meaning? Wouldn’t the Spirit of Allah who lives within people (Quran 16:102) guide people in His truth?

The Quran teaches us that Allah has given a Book to Musa (Moses) to complete Allah’s blessings on him who would do good to others and to make plain all things. It is to be a guidance to them and a display of Allah’s mercy. This book (Taurat) is to be regarded as “blessed.” Therefore, Muslims are called to follow and guard it against evil that mercy may be shown to them (Quran 6:154-155).

So, what exactly went wrong? If Allah gave Isa the Taurat and the Injeel (Quran 3:48, 5:46), and Muslims are called to follow and guard the Taurat, then why are Muslims so fearful of the corruption that they no longer read them?

They believe that scholars have rejected Allah’s communications and have turned away to follow their evil desires (Quran 6:157). It is for these reasons they (Christians) were divided into “sect”. And the Quran teaches Muslims to have no concern with them (Quran 6:159). It is for this reason why Muhammad wrote that the Quran is given to them as a verification of what was before it (Taurat and the Injeel), providing a clear explanation of all things for people who believe (Quran 12:111).

In other words, they were called to not read the Bible because it is “corrupted”. And the Quran should be treated as a tool for “verification”.

That’s very unlike the doings of a sovereign God who should be able to guard His own words, is it?

If no one can change the teachings of Allah (Quran 6:115), but it was changed anyway (Quran 2:76, 5:13), what does it tell us of this God?



Fun fact: Muslims believe that all believers have the Holy Spirit indwelling within them.
Quran 32:9 – Then He (Allah) made him complete and breathed into him of His Spirit (Holy Spirit), and made for you the ears and the eyes and the hearts; little is it that you give thanks.

Image by Guenter Schneider from Pixabay

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