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Forming the Perfect Family Part 1 – The Reason Behind Christ’s Salvation

This is a dramatised monologue of Jesus Christ speaking to the modern audience. It was written based on personal interpretation of the Scriptures with the blessed assistance of the Holy Spirit.

My Father is the Best Father anyone could ever have. There’s so much that He’d done for me that made me speechless. Sometimes, I really do not know where to begin!

Okay, let me just begin with just how… Goodness. Handsome. He is, beyond all-linguistic-expression, good-looking. Goodness, how am I to portray the way He look in words.

Here’s the appetizer. He glows1. Yes! Look at the Sun. He’s whiter, brighter, purer, and many, many, times more magnificent. You know how the Sun can blind you if you stare at it? Yes. A glimpse of my Father will consume you. No, it won’t burn you.2 Rather, it’s so bright that you probably do not need the Sun anymore.3 Take a look at the pictures captured by the Hubble Space Telescope and look for brightest star ever found. Can the light produced by it light up every corner of the universe? No, it can’t!4 In fact, all stars are given a designated area to influence.5 No stars can outshine another. Keep this in mind, then imagine a light source that can light up every conceivable corner of the Universe. That’s My Dad.

Did I tell you about what He did for me? One day, my Father wanted to surprise me with this very special gift of a divine partner. You know, a wife. He wanted someone who can, together with me, enjoy Him! I totally loved that idea! I couldn’t wait, really! But because a wife should not be someone who can be so carelessly chosen, so He made me this globe.6 This crystal-ball that He has made consists of everything that have ever existed in the observable universe that you ever knew. It is so tiny and so delicate that I cannot stop admiring it! It’s so small but it’s so packed with details! It’s so small, I can hold it in my hands.7 Through it, I can see the created universe in all its magnificence. From the smallest of atoms, to the majesty of the milky way. From the thickness of Adam’s hair, to the orbit of every star. In it lived every living creature ever born in the physical universe. And in it, history unfolds like a story.

Guess where’s the wife?

The consciousness of the divine bride is breathed into this species called human being which my Father molded out of soil and mud into something that resembles us.8 They share all the characteristics that the Father and I have. They have… Two eyes, two ears, one mouth, one nose, two hands, two legs… And much more than that! They can think, they can love, they are free to do what they want to, they can create, and the best of all, they are made to adore my Father!9 You know what that meant? That meant that they can choose to worship my Father and to enjoy my Father out of true love and desire. With the ability to learn and to choose, I will know that their love is real and not based on my Father’s request. The trueness of their love can be testified with whether or not they are concerned with what’s important to me and to what extent they obey my teachings.10 That’s how smart my Dad is.

Of course, we all know how history unfolded. We all knew how the created being chose everything that they were commanded not to. My Father… My Father was furious. I recall one day when we were admiring the Crystal Ball together and noticed Adam and Eve choosing to explicitly go against what my Father commanded them to. They wanted to be like my Father!11 But my Dad… Goodness. He’s a true gentleman. He spoke to them nicely and gave them the punishment that He was so unwilling to give.12 I can’t tell you how long He cried for, knowing that He might not be able to give me the surprise that He’s planned for. It was either He create a new bunch of robots who do not truly love me, or to destroy this rebellious bunch and to start all over.13 But He found favour in Noah and His family… And you know the story.

Those were the days when I cried the most with Him.

Heaven is huge, and there is so much to do. But most of the time, I spend my time with the Father and asking Him why He do the things the way He did it. Like for example, I will ask Him for the reasons behind why the gates are always open14, why are there people outside15, and how things were made16. Other times, I will look at the crystal ball and just admire at all the effort that goes into its creation. And every time I look at it, I will remember my Father and the immense effort that goes into the creation. It was for me that He created this crystal ball. It was a display of the love He has for me!17 It was the very essence of my Father’s love! And for this very purpose, He intended to marry the human species to me18.

But for what the human species had done, my Dad couldn’t help but be deeply troubled. To Him, that’s a failed marriage. It’s not going to happen. He cannot accept a Family where the bride-to-be hates me, and worse of all, hates and rejects Him. How is He going to allow such atrocity to happen in His Family?!

It is clear. He would not allow this.

Amidst the anger, He told me that I shall no longer have this Crystal ball and that He will want to destroy it for a new one. I was distraught. It was so beautiful and so delightful that I fought with Him over it. I have already had this connection with it that no words can explain. It was a long time before He gave in to my request… But He had a condition. He wanted humans to understand the pain and anger that they have brought about with their self-centeredness. He wanted them to know that every time people chooses to go against the will of my Father, they are turning down my Father’s love (Piper, 2016). This rejection of the Father is best seen as the rejection of life. Simply put, choosing something against the Will of my Father is the same as choosing death over life19.

I was crushed, really. I fell to my knees and pleaded with Him. On the one hand, I know exactly why He needed to do this. On the other, I’ve developed such love and connection to the globe that I will go all out to marry them into the Family. I love my Father, I love my Family. But, I too love the crystal ball that my Father gave and all that was given to me. It was… It was my Father’s love that I truly desire and love. It was my Father’s heart that I’m after. And now, my Father has prepared me a gift that was so delightful, yet so sorrowful…

No. I love my Father. I also love the crystal ball and all that it meant to my Father as well as to the Family.20 There is only one thing to do.

And… I am ready for it.

This, this was the beginning of everything.


1 – Exodus 34:29-30. Moses’ face was radiant to the extent where it causes fear among the people. The reason for the radiance was due to the exposure of Moses to the glory of God just by being in His presence. The logical deduction of God’s glory is just like how sunlight is reflected off the moon. However, contrary to the normal spread of light with natural photons, divine light transcends space-time, hence its reflection need not adhere to basic rules of physics where light travels in a straight line.

2 – Exodus 3:2-5. The glimpse of the glory of God is like a consuming fire, except that it probably isn’t hot nor is it combustible (or maybe, it can choose not to ignite or burn things). The burning bush that Moses saw reflects 1) God’s presence, 2) God’s glory, 3) God’s Holiness, and 4) God’s sovereignty over the material world. For the fact that the bush showed no burn marks, and Moses could come near it, show that the glory of God in itself can choose not to produce heat if it did not want to.

3 – Revelations 21:23. In the new universe, the glory of God and the lamb in itself is sufficient to illuminate every inch of space in an infinite dimension. The laws of physics that light travels in a straight line will no longer apply for there is only one light source – the unity (Unity in Christ and the Father is glory. John 17:22) of the Triune God.

4 – The Brightest Star that has been located within the observable Universe (thus far) is the Sirius Binary system. Its luminosity is measured to be 20 times of the Sun and it is located 8.7 light years away (Temming, 2014). However, it in itself is unable to illuminate the universe.

5 – Psalms 33:6. All things in the heavens are made by God. That includes all the stars – from their birth to their deaths. They were made, and placed where they are for a certain purpose, designated by the Word of God.

6 – In accordance to the theory of the Multiverse, there are at least 10 different dimensions and within it, 6 spatial dimensions that are tightly curled up to microscopic size (Renzulli, 1998).

7 – Isaiah 40:12. God is able to measure waters in the palm of His hand. With the breadth of His hands, he can measure the spaces of the created heavens. Though “waters” here may refer to the massive seas on the earth, it may also refer to vibrating strings of “super string theory” that holds all things together (Renzulli, 1998). This resembles Genesis 1:2 where the Spirit of God hovers over the waters. We will never know and we can only speculate. In this context, I imagine the entire physical created universe as a crystal ball that was created by God, for Christ, that is able to fit entirely in His hands. In it, every second of history unfolds before His very eyes, allowing Him access to all that has happened (and / or) will happen. Time stands still in the realm of His existence, but within the globe, the clock still ticks.

8 – Genesis 1:27, Genesis 2:7. Humans were created in the very image of God, out of the same dust that He used to make the earth.

9 – The image of God includes a lot of other things other than just physical likeness. These likeness include the ability to think, to love, to create, to make independent choices, and to worship. (Short, 1981).

10 – John 14:15. Jesus says that if anyone love Him, they will obey His teachings and to keep His commands. John 14:28. Jesus continues to say that if anyone love Him, they will be glad that He’s returning to the Father “for the Father is greater than I”. This is significant because it emphasizes the importance of recognizing exactly what is important to Jesus Christ in reference to His ministry. This inter-dimensional ministry focuses on the Father’s Love and His ultimate purpose for humankind. It wasn’t without reason that He went all out in suffering just for us. In fact, with proper recognition of what is important to Christ, we will “be glad” for the love of Christ.

11 – Genesis 3:5 The serpent tempted Adam and Eve with fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, saying that they will be like God, knowing good and evil. Eve saw it as good and desirable to be like God with the “increase in wisdom”.

12 – 1 Timothy 2:3-4. God wishes all to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the Truth.

13 – Genesis 6:6. God regretted that He had made human beings on the earth, and His heart was deeply troubled.

14 – Isaiah 60:11, Revelations 21:25. The gates of heaven never close.

15 – Revelations 22:15. There are people outside of heaven who refuses to enter.

16 – Psalms 19:1. Everything declares the glory of God. It is the glory of God. There’s an immense wealth of knowledge open to inquisition. And the more we know, the more we adore and revere Him.

17 – Colossians 1:15-20. It was in Christ that all things were created.

18 – Revelations 21-22. All of history ends with God’s final and ultimate design – the marriage of His Beloved Son and His Chosen, Created Bride.

19 – Genesis 2:17. By choosing to go against the will of the Father (in context, to eat of the fruit of the tree that God forbids), death is the only rightful punishment.

20 – John 3:16. The Heart of the Father loves the World. In fact, the Triune God loves this World so much to initiate all that was planned just so that created beings like us shall not perish but have eternal life with Him.


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