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The Secrets of Studying Well

Do you want to have super-memory? Have you tried putting a lot of effort into studying but nothing seems to be going in? I was there too. But when studying takes on the form of worship, things will begin to change.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. — Matthew 6:33, NIV.

You see, we often forget what we’ve studied. For most, the things that we’ve learnt goes straight out the window immediately after the examination. The reason for this phenomenon lies with the reason behind our pursuit of education. If the purpose of education is to pass the examination and gain the certificate, it is no wonder why the memory of what’s taught terminates at the end of the examination.

The reason why many Christian leaders have commendable memory is this: The value that they’ve attributed to education far exceeds the content of what they learn. They are learning for God. They are worshipping God.

When our ultimate goal of education isn’t for grades but to give God praise, education in itself becomes an act of worship. When we treat education as a form of worship, education becomes an act of discovering the complexities of God’s heart. From understanding the sciences of the cosmos to the complexities of the atomic structure, we see God’s hands at play within every single particle in creation; holding things in place. When we see the complexities of human psychology and the diversities in social sciences, we see the many faces of God manifested in our every action. When education takes on the form of worship, it no longer is grade-driven. It is driven by the love for God. And when education is driven by our love for God, how can we possibly forget the things we’ve learned? Even the Holy Spirit will teach us continually and remind us of all the things we’ve learned about God (ref: John 14:26)

So, let us seek God’s kingdom and God’s righteousness in our pursuit of education. Let us pray for God to open our eyes to the wondrous work of His creation so that through education, we will be able to admire the wisdom of God a little more, giving us more reasons to sing Him praises.

Image by White77 from Pixabay
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