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Late Night Writings

“Look, we can’t just deplete the national treasury by giving free money to everyone?” The Speaker of House slammed the conference table with his eyes fixed on the Prime Minister, tearing. “Are we really going to run the country dry?”

The Prime Minister sat at his seat, deep in thought. “What are our options?” he asked.

Silence filled the half-emptied House.

The Minister of Finance rose from his seat, trembling as he looked at everyone in the House. “I hate to be the one to propose this… But if we were to continue with the Universal Basic Income… We will need to buy back as many businesses out there as possible and liquidate as many assets as possible to keep it running… And even that, it won’t guarantee the survival of our nation.”

“So you’re proposing that we shut down the country?” The Prime Minister asked.

“No!” The Minister of Finance paused. A dense tension can be felt across the House as all everyone fixed their eyes upon him. “We… Need to rethink how our economy work… But I’m not sure…”

“Not sure what?” The Prime Minister interjected.

“Look. We buy back every assets there possibly is,” The Finance Minister mumbled. “Then that would mean the government will own most businesses…”

“Snap out of it! What are you trying to say?” The Minister of Trade said furiously.

“Urgh! That meant we’ll be turning communist!”


Silence filled the room as the Ministers looked at each other intently. Everyone knew that by adopting this economic structure, the entire political realm of the nation will be transformed. The international committee may not be welcoming of the change and such a transformation might alter the image of the nation and its position on the world’s stage.

“Unless we can justify this move, our economy will remain in shambles,” the Minister of Finance said as he looked nervously across the room for any soul that would stand on his side.

“Wait, hang on. Why don’t we just enlist everyone into the army?” The Minister of Defence stood up and walked to the centre of the room with a very big smile on his face. “Look, we already have the system in place. We enlist everyone, and we pay them equally based on ranks. It’s that simple!”

Everyone looked on attentively at him.

“If we liquidate all businesses and assets, they’ll become government property, yes? That meant, all the profit that we will gain from all these businesses will be directed to the National Treasury. Then from there, we’ll be able to pay everyone a basic income. With that, people can choose to be employed, by us, to do essential work — any work at all that we deem as essential services to keep the economy going. And when they engage in essential work, we will increase their income. But essentially, the livelihood of the entire nation is guarded and the economy rescued. We wouldn’t even need to worry about poverty!”

“But how’s that not communist?” The Minister of Trade asked.

“It is… But we’re not going to say it is. It’s our only option.”

Image by Patrick Sommer from Pixabay
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