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Is There a Possibility that Jesus is Not God?

The deity of Jesus Christ is, in my humble opinion, the fundamental element that differentiates Christianity from all other monotheistic religions. If we root our beliefs in the deity of Christ, we will be able to stand firm in the faith and receive all the promises that come with it.

It is also for this reason that the evil one causes people to question the deity of Christ over and over again. Some people from the unbelieving crowds raise proposals that Jesus might be either a prophet or the archangel Michael.

“If we root our beliefs in the deity of Christ, we will be able to stand firm in the faith and receive all the promises that come with it.”

To counter their arguments by the logic of deduction, I will use scriptures to examine what we as humans can do and what Jesus can do to determine whether or not Jesus falls within the categories identified above.

Is Christ the Archangel Michael?

The Jehovah Witnesses conclude that the Archangel Michael is Jesus Christ [1], but is He? As a created being like all other angels, the Archangel Michael works as a servant of the Creator God. Though He has the gift of free will [2], he chose to obey God completely. This allowed him to continue his heavenly service. But as an angel, he cannot be worshiped [3]. And as a being that is of a lower status than human beings [4], he will not be able to judge people as how Jesus would [5].

If Jesus is Michael the Archangel, then he cannot be worshiped. He will also not be able to judge humans. Rather, He will be judged by humans.

If Jesus is the Archangel Michael, then the idea of us judging Jesus according to 1 Corinthians 6:3 will be absurd. And if we were to judge Jesus, does not that mean humans have more authority than Jesus? If our authority is higher, then Jesus should not have the authority to forgive sins. This meant that our salvation in Christ is invalid.

Secondly, if Jesus is only an angel who will be judged by humans, how will He be given the duty to judge the world, separating sheep from the goats [5].

This is why, by the logic of deduction according to Jesus’ divine duty, Jesus cannot be the Archangel Michael, neither can He be just an angel.

Is Christ just a Mere Prophet?

If Jesus is just a mere prophet as many Jews and Muslims claim, then Jesus would just be a normal person who has received specific teachings from God. However, if Jesus would be just a mere prophet like every other that has come before Him, then He should probably also be a sinner just like them since sin entered the world through Adam (Romans 5:12, 1 Corinthians 15:21). Like all other, He will be subjected to the temptations of sins (Matthew 4:1-11). Like all other, He will also not be able to liberate Himself from the grasps of sin because the law of sin wages war against the mind, making Him a prisoner of sin (Romans 7:23).

If Jesus is just a prophet, He will not be able to liberate Himself from the grasps of sin, let alone liberating us from it.

So, if He is unable to liberate Himself from the grasps of sin itself, how can He then liberate the world from it? The ability to forgive sins is attributed to God alone (Luke 5:21), however, Jesus has the power to do just that (Luke 5:24, Matthew 9:6).

Then we come to the part about the resurrection of Christ. If Jesus is just a mere prophet, who died on the cross, and was raised from the dead, then it might be so that it is God Himself who raised Him from the dead. However, this contradicts what He said about personally taking his life back up (John 10:17-18). Second, if Jesus is just a mere prophet, then he will probably not be able to specify the amount of time he will be spend buried (Matthew 12:40).

The End of the Matter

The end of the matter is this: Jesus cannot be the archangel Michael, neither can He be just a prophet. So, if He is not God, then the only other possible explanation is the Tertullian concept of the Trinity and the identity of Jesus within it. In that theory, Jesus is made “of a portion of the matter that the Father is composed of” [6]. This makes Jesus and God, “one substance”, but “different essences”. It was on this thought that the idea of the Holy Trinity was built upon to its current shape now. Hence, followers of Tertullian also believed that Jesus is a part of God. This meant that He is not God personally, but is God. Doesn’t this sound familiar? Three Persons in One Essence.

“The end of the matter is this: Jesus cannot be the archangel Michael, neither can He be just a prophet.”

So, Jesus must be God. Or is there other possibilities worthy of discussion?


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