Do you know what actually happens when you masturbate?

When you masturbate, you outwardly proclaim that God isn’t capable of providing for your sexual needs and in turn, degrade God’s gift into something appalling.

God has created someone for you; especially for you.

A man for a woman.
A woman for a man.

God, knowing your innermost desires and your lifelong calling, has promised that He will fulfill your every need.

What He promised, He will deliver.
And we are called to have faith.

But when we burn in passion, we take matters into our hands, literally.

We look for different methods of relief.

Many times, without bringing all these to God in prayers.

We turn on the screen and indulged in visual fantasies.
With our hands and other unnatural methods, we defy the course of nature.

Whatever happened to faith?
Whatever happened to assurance?
Whatever happened to the gift yet received?
Whatever happened to love yet experienced?
Whatever happened to the vow yet uttered?

It’s not about guilt.
It’s not about needs.
It’s not about desires.
It’s the denial of love at its very foundation.

Do you know what actually happens when you masturbate?
You deny the gift that God had so graciously prepared.

Do you know what actually happens when you masturbate?
You exchanged the feast of love for a cigarette.

And very often, whenever we masturbate, the heart of the spouse that God has prepared for us breaks a little.
And there is nothing we can ever do that can mend that wound.

Image by Camila Rodrigues from Pixabay

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