29th June 2019, 3:40pm

On the 29th June 2019 3:40pm, I returned home after feeling cheated and lied to by Bao Yee. This wasn’t the first time she lied to me. When I asked if she and the children needed food, she said yes. So, I packed and rushed down from my family’s gathering to the hostel she’s residing at so that she and the children may eat. But when I reached, she was nowhere to be found. One of the children, Qiaohong, told me that they are fasting and cannot eat. Feeling betrayed and sick, I left for home.

I’ve had a strong call to come to the Lord in prayer. Upon reaching home, I took off the raincoat, locked my room door, laid down face down on the floor, grabbed the anointing oil and anointed my forehead and the top of my head, and prayed.

I prayed that God will grant me peace. The things that are going on in my head, about Bao Yee, and the other distractions that were so great that it caused me not to be able to focus on God. I can’t bring myself to utter a word. But I know, the Holy Spirit is praying for me.

During the silence, I said to the One living within me, “bring me to where I am before the universe begin”.

At first, it was a little misty. I adjusted my vision slightly and saw someone teaching.

I am a teacher?” I asked.

In the realm of eternity, education is centered upon worship. There are two broad topics. Both topics revolve around the center principle of worship. There was a “do you know” series, educating people the exact things that Jesus and the Holy Spirit personally taught after Christ’s resurrection and the ascension respectively. Then there is another series, but I didn’t ask what was it.

I saw someone with me. A partner, feminine in nature. We are not married because, in heaven, we are all like angels without the need for marriage. We are united in the Spirit along with Christ, without the need for childbearing. She was teaching as well. She was assisting me and supplementing my teaching; helping others understand the mysteries of Christ. We share all the knowledge and wisdom from the Holy Spirit. We are One, not just in Spirit, but in knowledge. We fulfill each other.

She drew intricate graphs and illustrations, helping people from all nations understand the manifold wisdom of God and the reasons behind our worship of the Lamb. And after we end each session, people worship God with greater fervor and passion.

“She is your wife, predestined to be with you before the world began,” the voice said to me.

Then I came back to my senses. I, being perplexed at this vision, wrote all these down for future references.

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