The Faith of Rahab

A woman and a prostitute in a patriarchal world.

By faith, Rahab the prostitute did not perish with those who were disobedient, because she had given a friendly welcome to the spies. — Hebrews 11:31, ESV

The soldiers had left, so have the spies from Israel. It is now dark. Rahab’s brothers returned home. Rahab, concerned with what had just happened, hurried to her brothers.

Rahab: Hey erm… I think… (fearfully) I have something urgent to tell you…

Brother: What? Is it about the man whom you saw that day? Is he bothering you again?

Rahab: No… but.

Brother: Shoot.

Rahab: (sigh) Two men came today.

Brother: What?!

Rahab: I hid them in the roof…

Brother: And?

Rahab: They are Hebrews…

Brother: Holy.

Rahab: They came and…

Brother: You’re a betrayer of our nati…

Rahab: NO! They came in the name of the Lord and I know…

Brother: Lord what Lord?? We are the Gibborims! We are the almighty…

Rahab (Cutting her brother): Listen!


Rahab: I know that there’s this one true God. Like it or not. He’s in charge of all things. And He’s with the Hebrews!

Brother: What nonsense! What’s mightier than us? You should know it better than all of us! You’ve known so many…

Rahab: SHUT UP!!

Brother (to other brothers): Rahab is mad.

Rahab (in tears): God… The God that dried the red seas. The God that destroyed Egypt… The mighty Egypt… He is with them.

Brother: You’re just a prostitute, what do you know about war?! What do you know about gods?! (Laughs among themselves)

Rahab: Do you bloody want to live? They’ve promised to save our lives!

Brother (giggling among themselves): Let’s see what trickery has she up her sleeves.

Rahab: Like it or not, in a few days time, the Hebrews are coming. When you hear the sound of the horn, come home immediately! See the red scarlet cord by the window? When they see this, they’ll spare us.

Brothers (laughing): We will see about that.

Rahab (in tears): Trust me…

Elder Brother (to the other brothers): Let’s just trust her this once. Who knows. Whether we leave or we stay, the possibility of dying is real if there’s a real war.

Brothers (in acceptance): Agreed…

Brother: Another beer anyone? Since we are all gonna die in a few days’ time?

Brothers (laughing in unison): Now we are talking!

Rahab (in tears): Thank you… May the God of Israel have mercy on all of you.

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