When the Father-Child Relationship become Real Relationships, Revival will come upon the Family, the Church, and the Nations.

The post below is a translation from a post titled, “当父亲和儿子成为真父亲和真儿子, 复兴就会临到家庭、教会与国家” written by Lin Zi Qian (林子骞) about a sharing by Pastor Zhou Shen Zhu “周神助牧师”(chairperson of the Bread of Life Global Christian Network “灵粮全球使徒性网络”) at the Kingdom Culture Leaders’ Summit on the 14th February 2019.

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“We long for a transformation and a revival in our lives and environment, but does it occur to you why revival never come even though we pray continuously?” Pastor Zhou says that the key is in our identity and inter-personal relationships. This includes our relationships with our spouse, our siblings, our children, and inter-generational relationships. All of these will have an impact on revival. When relationships deteriorate, issues will arise in the family and in the church. But when relationships are good, we will see God’s amazing work. I strongly believe that God will shape this land to become His kingdom on earth!

Yesterday (14th February 2019), at the Kingdom Culture Leaders’ Summit (天国文化领袖高峰会), the president of Bread of Life Global Christian Network (“灵粮全球使徒性网络”) Pastor Zhou Shen Zhu (周神助牧师) and his wife bless everyone who is dating and married, encouraging them to hug and kiss more. He even demonstrated how couples should do it. The scene was filled with bliss.

“The Triune God want to End all Fatherless and Childless Mentality in this age. We must understand the importance of “Relationship”.

Jeremiah 49:1 (NIV) states that “Has Israel no sons? Has Israel no heir? Why then has Molek taken possession of Gad? Why do his people live in its towns?”. Israel has many sons. But “true sons” are few in number. David says, “I am the son of God”, so he cannot rely on sword or spears but on God to defeat Goliath (ref: 1 Samuel 17:47, NIV). If we are true sons and daughters, will our enemies be as arrogant as they are now? Do we not have a real Father? Will it not be like what Malachi 4:5-6 says, “He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents”?

Three years ago, when Pastor Zhou Shen Zhu was meditating alone, he heard the sounds of three persons having a meeting. It sounded like God the Father saying, “I will end the age of Fatherlessness and Childlessness.” Christ says, “Amen! We must carry out the steps to end the age of fatherlessness and childlessness.” And the Holy Spirit says, “Amen! We must completely end the age of fatherlessness and childlessness.” God will end fatherlessness and childlessness in every walk of life in this age.

Curse will come upon the family, the city, and the country when the hearts of the fathers are not turned towards their children and children towards their parents. When we have the spirit of orphans and rebellion, the heart of “rejection” will develop hurt and bitterness in our hearts. This will carry on from generation to generation. The fruit that we bear will be hatred, jealousy, disputes… All sorts of unpleasant things.

Saul had a very good son Jonathan and a good son-in-law David. But he did not know how to be a father. The root of bitterness and jealousy in his heart caused him to want to kill David. If he has a father’s heart, history would have been rewritten. We do not need to wait until the times of David. The transformation would have happened in the time of Saul. The entire country would have been different. Though David was a good son-in-law, he was not a perfect father. When he knew that his son raped his daughter, he did not know how to communicate with his son. This led another son of his to murder this son. Though David was furious, he did not know how to handle this situation. If David had the heart of a father that will turn towards his sons and daughters, the entire family and the entire nation would have been different.

We hope that our family, church, and country would enter the destiny God has for us. However, the key is still on “interpersonal relationships”. When we can be “real sons and daughters”, the curse of the family, the church, and the nation will depart from us. Transformation will descend upon us. God’s wisdom will descend upon us and a revival will come.

“Tearing up the Root of Satan to Reside in the Love of God”

When Pastor Zhou Shen Zhu shared about his younger days, he recalled that he has a very strong “spirit of an orphan” inside of him. He was born into a world when the Second World War began in 1941. His father sent him to a nanny living in the outskirts of the county to care for him. When he returned home, he felt a sense of unfamiliarity. He always felt that his parents were biased towards him; he felt that they only loved his brothers and sisters. On the other hand, he felt that he’s constantly alone and without support. There was even a time when he hoped that his brothers and sisters cannot make it to college or high school. Although he knew that having the heart of jealousy is wrong, he wasn’t able to overcome it. When he completed his university education, he entered the college’s Christian fellowship. Though he joined Christian fellowship, he would often sleep through it. Once, a pastor walked in on him. This gave him a shock and woke him up. He thought to himself, “Oh no! I’ll surely be scolded!” But the pastor only said, “Sorry, I woke you up.” From then on, the love of God begins to work inside of him.

God says to him, “Even though you felt as if no one love and accept you, but I will always love and accept you. But you need to first love and accept yourself before you can love and accept others. I see that you are getting more rebellious by the year, but I never gave up on you.” Though Pastor Zhou knew that he is a child of God, he’s still overwhelmed by hurt and helplessness. Just as what Paul said, “I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out.” The more I work hard, the more I felt I can’t achieve it.

In the end, Pastor Zhou Shen Zhu understood that he must first let the love of God fill his heart and let the love of God become his daily bread. He must tear up the root of Satan and destroy the old tree and its fruit. He must understand that the mystery of Roams 5:8, “But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Christ died for us on the cross. We must too die and be raised up with Him. Now, Christ lives in my heart. This allowed me to live in the grace of God and not be bound by the law. At the same time, this not only makes us into sons and daughters, but this will also mould us into the image of God. We will grow up to full maturity, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. We will grow to be more and more like an “elder brother”.

Pastor Zhou Shen Zhu points out that Jesus Christ came into the world to do one thing, that is to be a “son”. For thirty years, he was a son of his physical parents. Following which, he became John the Baptist’s spiritual son. He also became the Son of the Father. The Bible says that whatever Jesus says and do, He does it in accordance with what God the Father says. This is why Pastor Zhou begin to pray that he may too be the child of God as well as a child of his physical parents. Pastor Zhou Shen Zhu shared that as the size of the church continues to grow, all ministry partners need to arrange in advance to meet him. Only his two sons can come at any time they want. This is because their identity is his sons.

When we learn to be “real children” and “real parents”, miracles will happen.

The author of “Experiencing Father’s Embrace” Jack Frost shared that his father was very strict. This led him to wander away from home. Later when he became a pastor, he set his mind to be a good son. This led him to return home to seek his father’s forgiveness. His father asked, “Who taught you this?” Then, he hugged him. One year later, his father called to tell him that he is going to be baptized. This is because from the day Jack Frost returned home, he knew that the God his son believed in is real. From that day on, the heart of his father is no longer the same. He begins to pick up Jack’s grandmother’s bible to read.

Pastor Zhou explains that we must first learn to be sons and daughters. We must soak ourselves in the Lord. Because of the love of God, we will begin to learn to be imperfect parents and children on earth. When we do this, we will see our families, our churches, and our cities transform. Parent and child is not only a unit or an identity. It is a responsibility. When Pastor Zhou was preparing to handle certain things in the past, Jesus spoke to him saying, “the responsibility is not yours to bear. But you can “bear the yoke with me”. However, the key responsibility lies not on you but on me.” Being a parent requires us to sacrifice time, money, and even our lives. He mentioned that even if he is not the same as his son, they must still turn towards each other. He must pick up the responsibility of a father; when he did something wrong he must apologize to his children (including spiritual children). Because this does not only concern himself but the transformation of the country, he is determined to turn towards his children till the day he dies. Whether or not Taiwan or other countries can enter into the Destiny God has installed for us, whether or not we see a revival in the Kingdom of God, it depends on us turning to our children and them to us.

Pastor Zhou Shen Zhu says that we must care for, counsel, and protect our children. Slowly allowing them to stand, to walk, and to ride. Then, it’s time for us to step aside. Every generation will be better than the earlier ones. We must be glad when we see the successes of the new generation. When parents become real parents, children become real children; when we all take our respective places, the enemy and Goliath will fall!

Pastor Zhou Shen Zhu and his wife at the Kingdom’s Culture Leaders’ Summit (Credits: 林子骞 14th February 2019)

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