Why the World Celebrated “Hatred” as “Love”

But he refused to listen to her, and since he was stronger than she, he raped her. Then Amnon hated her with intense hatred. In fact, he hated her more than he had loved her. Amnon said to her, “Get up and get out!”” – 2 Samuel 13:14-15, NIV.

Dear Guanocopious,

The effort of purging the Enemy’s value of love has been slow and stagnant. Guanocopious, we will need to work harder to cleanse the world off the Enemy’s selfish values and to spread the gospel of self-love.

My son, I must remind you of the urgency of the matter. The Enemy’s culture of discipline and obedience has intoxicated our patients, causing them to lose their basic freedom to live lives the way they wanted to. It is our duty to re-educate our patients on their basic freedom to enjoy the lives they have on earth.

Guanocopious, our Enemy has limited “love” to a form of relationship between a man and a woman. Who in the universe is He to limit our patients’ ability to give and receive love? Sure, even if our Enemy reasoned with His minions that a man and woman is needed for pro-creation, is that love? Pro-creation?

My son, do not be fooled. Our Enemy’s value of love is founded on these three key principles: 1) intimacy, 2) passion, and 3) commitment [1]. In our Enemy’s point of view, the absence of any one of these three values constitutes hatred. Remember the incident of Amnon. Our Enemy taught our patients that passion without commitment is hatred [2]. Likewise, our Enemy has also warned our patient that we might “tempt” them when passion is avoided in intimate relationships [3].

Gosh, surely they do not know what “love” is.

Look, with all these restrictions imposed onto our patients, what then is “love”? My son, do not be fooled by the Enemy. The Enemy has transformed our patients’ freedom to love into an institution that He controls. We must change that.

My son, the “freedom to love” should be celebrated [4]. We must demolish the institution that the Enemy has established so that the ultimate authority of life may be returned to our patients [5]. Teach our patients to love without commitment or without intimacy. Educate them to celebrate love through different methods.

I commend your work for starting Tinder and the sugar daddy movement. You have opened the door for people to express their love without commitment and intimacy. However, more work needs to be done as there is still a whole bunch of conservative lot affecting the spread of our gospel.

Remember this my son, the right to love must win. Love will change the world.

Remember this, my son. Love wins.



[1] – There are three segments to the Sternberg’s theory of love. These three segments are directly related to the teachings of the Bible. (Read more at God — The Epitome of Love)

[2] – In 2 Samuel 13, the refusal to commit on Amnon’s side caused his “love” for Tamar to be “hatred”.

[3] – 1 Corinthians 7:5 talks about the importance of passion (or physical sex). An intimate relationship without passion may cause Satan to tempt us into falling due to our innate “lack of self-control”.

[4] – The “right to love” is something that is now celebrated by most LGBT activists, promoting their “rights” to love anyone/anything they wanted to, the way they wanted to.

[5] – The ultimate work of Satan is to lure people into thinking that they can be in control (ref: Gen 3:4-5)

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