God’s Hidden Kingdom

“The coming of the kingdom of God is not something that can be observed, nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is in your midst.”
— Luke 17:20b-21, NIV.

The Kingdom of God is in our midst, yet people will not be able to see it. But praise be to God for opening my eyes to be able to see the work of God in ways I have never thought existed. The Kingdom of God is truly within our midst and is not limited to the confines of the physical churches. God’s Kingdom is not about building physical buildings. Rather, it is about the building up of souls.

You see, from the smallest of details to the largest of events, God coordinated them all for the good of those who love Him and who have been called according to His purpose. Beginning from the call that you feel; we know that God had planted the seed within us to desire Him. In turn, we seek to serve Him in ways we know best. We open our hearts to be led by the Spirit which will renew our strengths so that we will soar on wings like eagles; running and not grow weary, walking and not be faint. And with our lives, because we believed in Christ, we will do even greater things than what Christ had done. With our lives, Christ will build the house. He will do all that we ask of Him because our hearts are so intertwined with His that the Father may be glorified in Christ.

The Kingdom of God is manifested in the collective praises of the saints who God foreknew, predestined, and called.

It is this very promised that many people held on to so dearly. Normal human beings like you and us, called to work in ways so similar, we might not be able to make sense of.

On the visible level, we recognize that the church has been doing community work and serving the people within the society. Churches build schools, open hospitals, and establish welfare institutions that care for the needy within its reach. That’s what we know.

But as we dig deeper, we will find God’s amazing calling among His beloved flock.

On the micro level, we see that normal Christians are opening their house, discipling people in their daily lives. These people prepare all the necessities for life that these people require. From the providence of daily meals to providing career counseling; from education to spiritual well-being, these normal Christian meet all their needs. And we see them at work, throughout the world. They are not related by any means but are united in Spirit. They are in different parts of the world, but they are one.

Below are some stories you might be interested in:
[1] – The Singaporean grad who ditched his corporate dreams because of a glue-sniffer in Thailand
[2] – Extraordinary People: A friend to the homeless
[3] – Hopehome Family Welfare Association

On the macro level, we see that international Christian organizations are rising to the call of serving the needs of those beyond reach and actively spreading the gospel in places that face great persecution. Christians from different denominations and different backgrounds are coming together to brave political storms for the sake of the gospel, reaching churches that are normally not spoken about and equipping saints to better disciple others.

Below are some ministries that you might be interested to look at:
[1] – Serving in Mission
[2] – Ethos Institute
[3] – Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism
[4] – Haggai International

There are more organizations out there that are not listed within this short list. Some are unknown to me. Others are not listed due to its sensitivity. But, the point that I am driving across is this – it is a great mistake to say that the expansion of God’s Kingdom is the growth of the physical church. Sure, even though the bride of Christ is the church and it is through the church that God works, the church has manifested itself into different forms due to different situational pressures that it is sometimes hard to identify as a layperson.

This is truly, only the surface of God’s magnificent doing on earth.

Indeed, the Kingdom of God is in our midst. And its manifestation is the collective praises of the saints who God foreknew, predestined, and called. Saints who are predestined and placed in different corners of the world, doing things that will glorify Him.

Image Credit: ABC News. Picture of Christians in China praying in a church within a shophouse.

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