Enlightenment is the Beginning to True Christianity

You can only be a True Disciple of Christ if you are enlightened. Only when we embraces the notion that we are One Body with God that we will be able to fully experience the goodness of God’s promises. As ambassadors of God, we are literally God incarnate walking the earth. We cannot be God incarnate when we do not embrace the fact that we are One with Him. So the question is this — are we enlightened?

Tao's Chosen One and His Kingdom as written in the Tao De Jing

The Tao De Jing speaks of an invisible spirit-like Kingdom that only the One who is worthy in the sight of Tao can attain. Even though He was a king, He had to humble Himself to the point of where people called him “worthless”, “little”, and “helpless”. It was through humiliation and condemnation did the Chosen One acquired the Kingdom. And it was in His love that He is willing to share that kingdom with us who believes in Him.

Tao De Jing through the lens of a Christian

The Tao De Jing is essentially Lao Tze’s search for God and the revelations God has given him. Filled with spiritual insights in both the earthly and heavenly realm, Lao Tze penned down very carefully, the prophecies of a coming Son of Heaven who will embraces sinners and offers forgiveness to all. “This is why Tao is highly valued by the ancients”, he wrote. And it’s time we relook the Tao and love the Tao for who He is.

Christianity might hold the answer for the creation of a Universal Measure of Well-being

At the very heart of Christianity is the relationship between humanity and The Divine. This relationship manifests itself on both the individual and collective level. But the inconvenient truth about the Church not living up to its calling remains. It still is a long way before the Christendom can finally return to how it ought to be. Only when the walls of religiosity is torn down will humanity be able to see The Divine as who He really is. Only then will human flourishing really reach its peak.

The Christian and the Collective Unconscious

Carl Jung gave us a very good understanding of the human unconscious. However, there is a portion about the human collective unconscious that he has left out. That is the Truth about a Being that transcends the present reality. It is He who resides in the heart of every Christian

Positive Psychology and the Christian Salvation

As the second wave of positive psychology move towards adopting a more holistic approach in their view towards psychology, the Christian Church should also relook at the doctrine of salvation and the role sin plays within it. Recognising the sinful nature of humanity may be the key to bringing people to the Truth and setting people free with it.